No matter what utilities you're looking for Switch Energy & Telecoms have the perfect solution to help you save both money and time.

Intelligent Energy Pricing

Switch Energy & Telecoms provide a personal service that is impossible to replicate by going through the usual large companies. This involves visiting almost all new and prospective clients at their premises to gather an understanding of the business and its operations, the current provider invoicing, contract commitments and subsequently the consumption of Electricity and /or Gas. By doing so, we are then able to procure the most suitable contract options and pricing.

We work out the current energy costs per annum and compare with the potential new contract costs for the same period. This gives a solid basis on which to compare and contrast the various energy contract options going forward with the business needs and recommend appropriately, this is the Switch ‘Intelligent Pricing’ as opposed to just guessing which is the best tariff and hoping the businesses future energy consumption will make it so.

To get your intelligent pricing, get in touch with us today.

Bill Validation & Service Support

At any time during the contract period there will quite possibly be issues with the billing (especially where direct debit payments are involved) and Switch will be there to clear the fog on these issues:

  • ensuring the business is only paying for what they will consume
  • Checking payments are not out of balance with the consumption
  • Additionally, we will check on the energy market continuously to look at when is the best time to commit to the ‘follow on ‘ contract*

*this will depend on many economic and global variables but can make a big difference to the cost of energy especially for large energy consumers.